Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Nieves Books

Smallish bit of an order just arrived from Nieves Books:
The Wildlife Analysis by Dmitri Broquard ($16 cdn)
Baku and Back by Ingo Giezandanner ($31 cdn)
Free Press Light Catalog 1: Cosmic Wonder ($6.00 cdn)
As Above, So Below by Will Sweeney ($16 cdn)

Adding to our other in-stock Nieves titles:

I'm Here: a short film by Spike Jonze ($20 cdn)
Melanie Sheepwash by Mark DeLong and Jason McLean ($10 cdn)
Round the Way by Maya Hayuk ($16 cdn)
Harmony Korine: Mr. Lonely ($20 cdn)
The Kind of Livin' by Taylor McKimens ($16 cdn)
Ffor #7 - Born A Again in DC3000 by Jonas Delaborde ($10)
Ad Rock by Ari Marcopoulos ($22)
Kim Gordon: Chronicles Vol. 2 ($22) 
Blueberry Express by Misaki Kawai ($22)
I Wait Here For You Forever As Long As It Takes ($20)
Cosmic Wonder Free Press 2: Cosmic Wonder ($35)