Friday, September 12, 2008

Trifecta of Comics Arty Goodness

What a confluence of great Lucky's related events this September, 2008.
  1. Peter Thompson, veteran of the All-Star Schnauzer Band and creator of The Chronicles of Lucky Ello (Drawn and Quarterly) displays a series of twenty drawings, Is It the Apocalpyse, in Lucky's Gallery until September 26.
  2. Launch party and art display for the release of You Ain't No Dancer volume 3, edited by Ed Brisson, on New Reliable Press.
  3. Peter Bagge! Yes, Peter Bagge (Hate! Apocalypse Nerd, Buddy Does Seattle, Buddy Does Jersey, Reason Magazine), sponsored by Lucky's Comics, is coming up to Word on the Street at the Vancouver Public Library on September 28. He'll be speaking, and then meeting and greeting at our table afterwards.

New stuff update Sept 12/08

Well, once a month is better than once every 6 months. Here's an update on some new and restocked items:
  • Moomin vol. 3 !!! Hooray for the new Moomin!
  • Angaza Afrika beautiful book of modern African Art from Princeton Architectural Press
  • Jamilti and Other Stories - new Ruutu Modan from Drawn and Quarterly
  • Giraffes? Giraffes! - Haggis-on-Whey from McSweeney's
  • McSweeney's #27 - holy cow - three book triple threat attack
  • Wholphin vol. 6
  • Stickerbomb
  • Jokes Every Man Should Know
  • The Portable Frank - the inimitable Jim Woodring
  • The Wu-Tang Manual by the RZA
  • Bone volume 8
  • Amulet volume 1