Saturday, September 04, 2010

Vancouver Section

Further proof that Lucky's sells more than just are some highlights of our growing Vancouver book section:

Adventures in Solitude: What Not To Wear to a Nude Potluck and other stories from Desolation Sound, by Grant Lawrence: Waiting for the Smugglers reunion tour, bring it on! 
Vancouver: Then and Now, by Francis Mansbridge: new from Thunder Bay books, a captivating photo book of Vancouver - um...then, and now. 
Vancouver Special by Charles Demers: writer, performer, and activist Charles Demers examines the who, what, where, when, why, and how of Vancouver, shedding light on the various strategies and influences that have made the city what it is today (as well as what it should be)...  
Vancouver Matters edited by Christa Min: Representing Vancouver’s history and present materiality through writing, drawing and photography, Vancouver Matters offers a critical examination of the city’s faults and opportunities. The text is organized by the following material conditions...
City of Glass by Douglas Coupland: Fully redesigned, the iconic bestselling book of Coupland’s personal reflections on his home city, which gave rise to the city’s international moniker, City of Glass
City Walks: Vancouver 50 Adventures on Foot: You get the idea...Chronicle publishes these for a bunch of cities. 

And a couple others in the heavily Vancouver-related territory: 

The Man Game, by Lee Henderson: Post great fire 1886 Vancouver is the setting of this acclaimed novel by Vancouver's, it wins on two counts. Plus the naked wrestling, there's that too...
Marshal McLuhan, by Douglas Coupland: Part of Pengiun's biography series, this is Coupland's take on McLuhan, focusing on deciphering McLuhan's mind, traits, and interests. Plenty of good reviews including this one.
Player One: What Is to Become of Us by Douglas Coupland. Part of the CBC Massey's a novel that takes place in an airport cocktail lounge over a five-hour period. People are trapped, the world is ending, they chat.

...another post coming featuring work by Vancouver authors and artists, the likes of Julie Morstad, Amy Lockhart, Sonja Ahlers, Paul McDevitt, Chris von Szombathy, Marc Bell, Pia Guerra, Lisa Cinar, Miriam Libicki, James Lloyd, Ian Boothby, Steve Rolston, Brandon Graham, James Stokoe, Graham Roumieu (Bigfoot occasionally visits), Julie Flett, Colin Upton, Owen Plummer, Jason McLean, Mark DeLong, and more. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nieves Books

Order just arrived from the inimitable Nieves Books out of Zurich, Switzerland:
I'm Here: a short film by Spike Jonze ($20 CDN)
Melanie Sheepwash by Mark DeLong and Jason McLean ($10 CDN)
Round the Way by Maya Hayuk ($16 CDN)
Harmony Korine: Mr. Lonely ($20 CDN)
Free Press Light Catalog 1: Cosmic Wonder ($6.00 CDN)
The Kind of Livin' by Taylor McKimens ($16 CDN)
As Above, So Below by Will Sweeney ($16 CDN)
Baku and Back by Ingo Giezandanner ($31 CDN)

Adding to our other in-stock Nieves titles:
Ffor #7 - Born A Again in DC3000 by Jonas Delaborde ($10)
Ad Rock by Ari Marcopoulos ($22)
Kim Gordon: Chronicles Vol. 2 ($22) (yes the Kim Gordon!)
Blueberry Express by Misaki Kawai ($22)
I Wait Here For You Forever As Long As It Takes ($20)
Cosmic Wonder Free Press 2: Cosmic Wonder ($35)

FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA for Nieves orders over $20. Email to order!

Springsteen Day

aka Boss Day

Playing all Springsteen all day here in the shop today. Will update the list throughout the day, figure I'll get to 50 or so. Should you stumble upon this between noon and 6pm today, reply here or tweet @luckysonline with your faves!

So here we go, starting with:
1. Blinded by the Light
2. Growin' Up
3. For You
4. It's Hard to be a Saint in the City
5. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
6. Kitty's Back
7. Wild Billy's Circus Story
8. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
9. New York City Seranade
10. Thunder Road
11. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
12. Backstreets
13. Born to Run
14. Jungleland
15. Badlands
16. Adam Raised a Cain
17. Candy's Room
18, Racing in the Street
19. The Promised Land
20. Streets of Fire
21. Jackson Cage
22. Two Hearts
23. Independence Day
24. The River
You know what's coming...most of Nebraska:
25. Nebraska
26. Atlantic City
27. Mansion on the Hill
28. Johnny 99
Skipped into a Tom Joad lull during a busy spot:
29. The Ghost of Tom Joad
30. Straight Time
31. Highway 29
32. Youngstown
33. Sinaloa Cowboys
34. The Line
35. Lonesome Day
36. Into the Fire
37. Waitin' On a Sunny Day
38. Nothing Man
39. Streets of Philadelphia
40. American Skin (41 Shots)
41. Ain't Got You
42. Brilliant Disguise
43. Born in the USA
44. I'm On Fire
45. No Surrender
46. Old Man Tucker
47. Jesse James
48. John Henry
49. Erie Canal
50. My Oklahoma Home
51. Girls in Their Summer Clothes
52. I'll Work For Your Love
53. Darkness on the Edge of Town

...and that's all, thanks Boss!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

DAN BRODIE: Free Punches

Free Punches

July 15 – 29, 2010
Opening reception 15 July, 7pm
Curated by Jenn Jackson


Lucky’s Gallery is pleased to present the forthcoming exhibition- Free Punches, by Vancouver artist Daniel Brodie. With worn out sharpies, found paper, and free paint Daniel Brodie presents a diarist mapping of quotidian association. The dailyness of daily life is comfortably occupied without excuse. In a generous offering of everywhere and nowhere Brodie indulges in the lure of the ordinary. Abstaining from pragmatic performance Brodie’s drawings, paintings, collages and sculptural installations aspire personal political tenor, a reconciliation of revolving potential. In participation of counter consciousness, an affectionate embrace towards pensive looking reverberates the poetic nature of noticing the everyday. A loop of gestures, contradictions and qualifications openly explore the material possibilities of immaterial routines and repetitious senses, validating a desire for closeness and focused understanding. 

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Amanda Lye - Miniatures: Systems, Structures and the Inane

Parting is such the sweet sorrow...only two days left to enjoy Amanda Lye's Miniatures: Systems, Structures and the Inane.

Lucky’s Gallery is pleased to present the forthcoming exhibition- Miniatures: Systems, Structures and the Inane, by Vancouver artist Amanda Lye. A study of order, Lye presents a collection of acquired objects representing an affinity for the miniature. An ongoing project, her ever-shifting installation offers an engaging conversation with the contemporary condition of escalating pluralism. The collection's orientation to multiple aspects or parts disturbs symbolic representation, underscoring the oblique nature of an archive composed of recalcitrant material. The placement of each inventory within appropriate box (along walls and upon shelves and tables) proposes value distinctions and provides structuralized containment for a frenetic assemblage. Although precarious, the varied objects are arranged in a carefully maintained order of idiosyncrasy. With a utopian spirit, Lye’s anomic structures recoup failed visions, vital knowledges, and familiar narratives of what has been or what could be.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

VPL zine buy at Lucky's

The Vancouver Public Library is coming by Lucky's for what is turning into a semi-regular visit to replenish and stock up their zine library at the Central Branch downtown. If you self-publish a zine, art book, comic or any kind of mini-book, get it down to Lucky's for consignment by June 21st to be considered by the librarians. No book too humble to be considered - hand-folded and stapled is a-ok!
If you are bringing books down, 3 copies is perfect, the library might take 2, then we'd have one left over for the store and would be able to contact you for more.
Please price your books. Our policy is to keep 40% consignment, so factor that into your price (if it sells for $3.00, we keep $1.20). have eight or nine days, that's enough time to start and finish something, so get to it knucklehead!

Your friends at Lucky's.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

History/Politics Comics

In no particular order, here are some of the featured titles on display in our History/Politics section:

It Was A War of the Trenches by Jaques Tardi
The Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders by Guibert, Lefèvre, and Lemercier
Burma Chronicles, Shenzen, and Pyongyang by Guy Delisle
Diario de Oaxaca by Peter Kuper
Alan's War by Emmanuel Guibert
Footnotes In Gaza by Joe Sacco
Palestine: The Special Edition by Joe Sacco
The Great Anti-War Cartoons edited by Craig Yoe
Waltz With Bashir by Ari Folman and David Plonsky
Blazing Combat by Archie Goodwin (writer, various artists)
A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld

Petit Livres Titles

Several of our all-time best selling books are from The Petit Livres series published by Drawn and Quarterly. Foremost among these have been Marc Bell's Stacks, Milk Teeth by Julie Morstad, All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood by Tom Horacek, Ojingogo by Matthew Forsythe, Pohadky by Marek Čolek and Pat Sewchuck, and Fire Away by Chris von Szombathy (all books that Lucky's hosted launches for...and incidentally, all book by Canadian artists).
The Selves by Sonja Ahlers is sure to join our bestseller list soon, releasing in early May 2010, and kicking off with a book launch at the Western Front tonight.
Petit Livres titles currently in stock at Lucky's include:
Stooge Pile by Seth Scrivner (new, sweet)
Dirty Dishes by Amy Lockhart (new, rad)
All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood by Tom Horacek (Gary Larson-esque)
Fire Away by Chris Von Szombathy
Ojingogo by Matthew Forsythe
Lady Pep by Julie Doucet
One Eye by Charles Burns
Pohadky by Marek Čolek and Pat Sewchuck
Prayer Requested by Christian Northeast
Bacter-Area by Keith Jones
Fallen Angel and Joseph by Nicolas Robel
We'll continue to support and stock Petits Livres at Lucky's as long as Drawn and Quarterly keeps making them! Watch out for Sonja Ahlers' The Selves - in stock soon...