Sunday, July 18, 2010

DAN BRODIE: Free Punches

Free Punches

July 15 – 29, 2010
Opening reception 15 July, 7pm
Curated by Jenn Jackson


Lucky’s Gallery is pleased to present the forthcoming exhibition- Free Punches, by Vancouver artist Daniel Brodie. With worn out sharpies, found paper, and free paint Daniel Brodie presents a diarist mapping of quotidian association. The dailyness of daily life is comfortably occupied without excuse. In a generous offering of everywhere and nowhere Brodie indulges in the lure of the ordinary. Abstaining from pragmatic performance Brodie’s drawings, paintings, collages and sculptural installations aspire personal political tenor, a reconciliation of revolving potential. In participation of counter consciousness, an affectionate embrace towards pensive looking reverberates the poetic nature of noticing the everyday. A loop of gestures, contradictions and qualifications openly explore the material possibilities of immaterial routines and repetitious senses, validating a desire for closeness and focused understanding. 

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