Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Amanda Lye - Miniatures: Systems, Structures and the Inane

Parting is such the sweet sorrow...only two days left to enjoy Amanda Lye's Miniatures: Systems, Structures and the Inane.

Lucky’s Gallery is pleased to present the forthcoming exhibition- Miniatures: Systems, Structures and the Inane, by Vancouver artist Amanda Lye. A study of order, Lye presents a collection of acquired objects representing an affinity for the miniature. An ongoing project, her ever-shifting installation offers an engaging conversation with the contemporary condition of escalating pluralism. The collection's orientation to multiple aspects or parts disturbs symbolic representation, underscoring the oblique nature of an archive composed of recalcitrant material. The placement of each inventory within appropriate box (along walls and upon shelves and tables) proposes value distinctions and provides structuralized containment for a frenetic assemblage. Although precarious, the varied objects are arranged in a carefully maintained order of idiosyncrasy. With a utopian spirit, Lye’s anomic structures recoup failed visions, vital knowledges, and familiar narratives of what has been or what could be.

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