Saturday, June 12, 2010

VPL zine buy at Lucky's

The Vancouver Public Library is coming by Lucky's for what is turning into a semi-regular visit to replenish and stock up their zine library at the Central Branch downtown. If you self-publish a zine, art book, comic or any kind of mini-book, get it down to Lucky's for consignment by June 21st to be considered by the librarians. No book too humble to be considered - hand-folded and stapled is a-ok!
If you are bringing books down, 3 copies is perfect, the library might take 2, then we'd have one left over for the store and would be able to contact you for more.
Please price your books. Our policy is to keep 40% consignment, so factor that into your price (if it sells for $3.00, we keep $1.20). have eight or nine days, that's enough time to start and finish something, so get to it knucklehead!

Your friends at Lucky's.