Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Petit Livres Titles

Several of our all-time best selling books are from The Petit Livres series published by Drawn and Quarterly. Foremost among these have been Marc Bell's Stacks, Milk Teeth by Julie Morstad, All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood by Tom Horacek, Ojingogo by Matthew Forsythe, Pohadky by Marek Čolek and Pat Sewchuck, and Fire Away by Chris von Szombathy (all books that Lucky's hosted launches for...and incidentally, all book by Canadian artists).
The Selves by Sonja Ahlers is sure to join our bestseller list soon, releasing in early May 2010, and kicking off with a book launch at the Western Front tonight.
Petit Livres titles currently in stock at Lucky's include:
Stooge Pile by Seth Scrivner (new, sweet)
Dirty Dishes by Amy Lockhart (new, rad)
All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood by Tom Horacek (Gary Larson-esque)
Fire Away by Chris Von Szombathy
Ojingogo by Matthew Forsythe
Lady Pep by Julie Doucet
One Eye by Charles Burns
Pohadky by Marek Čolek and Pat Sewchuck
Prayer Requested by Christian Northeast
Bacter-Area by Keith Jones
Fallen Angel and Joseph by Nicolas Robel
We'll continue to support and stock Petits Livres at Lucky's as long as Drawn and Quarterly keeps making them! Watch out for Sonja Ahlers' The Selves - in stock soon...

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