Thursday, August 18, 2005

CITR Radio Shows

Best of...favorite this, favorite that...telling people what you like is good times. In the interest of good times, and telling all y'all what's the good stuff out there, here's a list of my current favorite CITR 101.9 radio shows - the University of British Columbia campus radio station. I've been thinking lately about how many great shows are on CITR right now...I haven't listened regularly for a few years, so I haven't heard all of the shows on the current schedule, so I reserve the right to update this list after new favorites emerge. Here we go. Ready? Set...Go!

Instead of a ranking, I've decided to just make a list of shows I just wouldn't be fair to rank them until I know all the shows well...
We All Fall Down
Ok, Marielle's show is just exactly what one hopes for in a college radio show. Sincerity, screw-ups, friends and relatives dropping in as guests, genuine enthusiasm, lots of great rock'n'roll including plenty of local content...endearing and addictive, you must check it out Thursdays at 1:00pm. See Marielle's playlists at
Nardwuar Presents
Nardwuar. The Human Serviette. The legend, the mini-mega-star, the national treasure. Nardwuar's influence on CITR and Vancouver's music scene is enormous, and his radio show and interviews are still priceless. Fridays at 3:30pm. Do doodle do
Parts Unknown
Hosted by Chris-R-Iffic (spelling?), this is the place to get the inside scoop on all the local indie rock and rock and pop and rock and gigs and gossip and rock and roll. Discovering Chris's show has brought great joy to my life...for some fleeting moment on Mondays at 1:00pm - the show is called Parts Unknown. Mr Chris is sincere, honest, frequently funny, very knowledgable, and sounds more like Nardwuar than perhaps any other living human - without it being a bad thing. Plays in the band They Shoot Horses Don't They.
Ska-T's Scenic Drive
Mr Ska-T is one helluva guy, pumping Vancouver up with solid ska beats for what - 10 years now? Someday there will be a statue of Ska-T somewhere...someday he will get the recognition he deserves...he certainly has left a formidable aural record for aliens and future civilizations to ponder and admire.
Onomatopoiea ShowGreat guests and interviews...the music, uh, not so much sometimes, but the comic talk is really really good...heard Robert Dayton on today talking about Bunyon, and so much more. He had his Mom there, it was awesome. Robin K kept trying to slow him down so she could get a few words in. It was funny.
These are the Breaks
I don't know who these DJs are, but they spin some mean mean cuts. Highly enjoyable music to be removed from your mind to.

I'm missing some good shows, I know I am, I'll be trying to listen to several more that sound interesting as circumstances permit. Peep the playlist at

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