Wednesday, October 11, 2006

eBay, Amazon, and Lucky's

I somehow feel compelled to explain why we have so many items listed in our eBay store and not yet on our website. It's simply a matter of reaching more potential customers. Something our in-town customers may find annoying, or not, is that we don't offer the same discounts in store that we do online. Online discounts are meant as a way to offset shipping costs for the customer, and are essential to our being at all competitive with the giants like Amazon, and Amazon. Who do you want to support, big ol' Amazon, or us - little ol' Lucky's? Many of our customers are from places not served, or not served well, by local comic shops - remote areas like 100 Mile House, Oakland, Vladivostok, and Fukuoka. So if you live in Vancouver, please take solace in the fact that your item will arrive quite quickly, and you're saving a trip to the store. If you live in Vancouver, we will arrange free hand-delivered shipping for orders over $50.00.

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