Saturday, May 21, 2011

New stuff and notes May 21, 2011

Lots of goods in this week, listed below.
Chester Brown appearance at the downtown VPL was a success - over 200 people in the audience and a post-talk signing line-up until after 11pm. Thanks to everyone for coming out!
Coming up:
May 22 - in the gallery: Perichute by John Burgess - part of the Art Waste/Music Waste festival, opening reception is May 22, Upshot in conjunction with Music Waste on June 4.
More info here.
July 9 - Colin Upton High Tea - book launch of Diabetes Funnies
August 6 - Rand Holmes Retrospecive book launch and art show - show up Aug. 5 - 7, reception and presentation August 6

Ok, here's what came in this week:

Koyama Press:
Lose #3 - Michael DeForge
Root Rot - Contributors include Jon Vermilyea, Derek M. Ballard, Dan Zettwoch, T. Edward Bak, Robin Nishio, Ines Estrada, Lizz Hickey, Mickey Zacchili, Jesse Jacobs, Jason Fischer, Hellen Jo, Angie Wang, Greg Pizzoli, Joe Lambert, Bob Flynn and Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos.
Cat Rackham Loses It - Steve Wolfhard
Colour Me Busy - Keith Jones colouring book!
Monster Party - Chris "Elio" Eliopoulos

Garden - Yuichi Yokoyama
Powr Mastrs Vol 1-3 - C.F.
New Engineering - Yokoyama
Storeyville - Frank Santoro
Travel - Yokoyama
Multiforce - Matt Brinkman
I Was Looking For A Street - Charles Willeford
Mould Map (numbered) - various artists
Viande de Chevet - various artists
City Hunter #1 - C.F.

Conundrum Press:
Chimo - David Collier
Snaps - Rebecca Kratz
Killing Vasquez - Phillipe Girard
Suddenly Something Happened - Jimmy Beaulieu
House of Sugar - Rebecca Kratz
Don't Get Lonely Get Lost - Elisabeth Belliveau (w/DVD)
So I've Been Told - Maryanna Hardy
Gilded Lillies - Jillian Tamaki
Witness my Shame - Shary Boyle

Other restocks:
Candide (Chris Ware cover)
Kramer's Ergot vol 6
Believer #80
Juxtapoz #125
CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #6
Banksy Notecards (20 card packs)
Book of other People (Zadie Smith ed.)
Book of Bunny Suicides
Return of the Bunny Suicides
Dirty South: Outkast, Soulja Boy, and the Southern Rappers who Reinvented Hip-Hop
Street Art: Best Urban Art From Around the World
Chi's Sweet Home vol 1 and 5
The Wolverton Bible - Old Testament by Basil Wolverton
In Me Own Words - Autobiography of Bigfoot by Graham Roumieu
Citrus County - John Brandon
Best Game Ever by Mark Bowden
Old Ball Game by Frank Deford
City of Glass by Douglas Coupland
Player One - Douglas Coupland
They Live - Jonathan Lethem
Vancouver Special - Charles Demers
Moment in the Sun - John Sayles
McSweeney's Issue 37
Adventures of Dr. McNinja vol 1
Approximate Continuum Comics - Lewis Trondheim
Forget Sorrow: an Ancestral Tale - Belle Yang
Simpsons Comics #178
Rocketeer Adventures #1
Bart Simpson Prince of Pranks tp

Abady abady abady that's all folks!

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