Saturday, May 07, 2011

New stuff May 7 2011

Greetings people of the Internet. Well we really oughtta be regularly posting new releases here...we get stuff in a couple times a week from several different sources. Would really make sense to make this a weekly task. Perhaps more of the skookum books we get in would sell. Note to self, let's do this.
Okay, here's some new and restocked items that arrived this week. New-to-us items are in bold:

The Cardboard Valise: Ben Katchor
Ghost World: Daniel Clowes
Caricature: Nine Stories: Daniel Clowes
Mister Wonderful: Daniel Clowes
Barefoot Gen vol 1: Nakazawa
Safe Area Gorazde Special Edition: Joe Sacco
Footnotes in Gaza: Joe Sacco
Banksy: Wall and Piece
Banksy's Bristol: Home Sweet Home
Empire State: Jason Shiga
The Wolverton Bible: The Old Testament and Book of Revelation
I Can Has Cheezburger? A Lolcat Collection
R. Crumbs Heroes of Blues, Jazz and Country w/ CD
Kafka: R. Crumb and David Mairowitz
Metamorphosis and other Stories: Kafka, Sammy Harkham cover
I Want You #1 and 2: Lisa Hanawalt
Holy Moly: Jeff Ladouceur
Hi-Fructose Magazine #18
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities: Taschen
Burma Chronicles: Guy Delisle
Shenzen: Guy Delisle
Lucky: Gabrielle Bell
Ojingogo: Matthew Forsythe
Constructive Abandonment: Neil Farber and Michael Dumontier
Love From the Shadows: Gilbert Hernandez
Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard vol 1
Return of the Dapper Men: Jim McCann and Janet Lee
Stitches: A Memoir hc: David Small
Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History: Freedarko

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